"Yellow Vests": Telethon, Ligue 1 … All about disturbances

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For the fourth Saturday in a row, traffic is expected to be complicated in Paris. The "yellow vests" are preparing to invest again the capital, which should know many disturbances, Saturday, December 8. First, these are the Ile-de-France transport which will be impacted by the demonstrations. Thus, more than fifty bus lines will be deviated, limited or not exploited, can read on the website of the RATP.

The metro lines should also be heavily impacted, especially Line 1 (which serves among other things the Place de la Bastille, the City Hall or the Champs-Elysees), as the movement of vehicles in the streets of Paris in some areas.

The events of "Act 4" should indeed extend over several sectors of the capital, from that of Place de la Bastille, where the "yellow vests" are expected to meet, that of the Trocadero, in passing through the National Assembly, the Place de l'Opéra or the Gare du Nord and Gare de l'Est.

The affected SPA and Ligue 1

But the disturbed transports are not the only consequence of the demonstrations of the "yellow vests", which also disturb several events. So, the SPA had to cancel its traditional Christmas meeting of the animals, "For safety reasons".

In addition, several matches of Ligue 1 have been postponed "at the request of the police headquarters": Paris-Montpellier, Toulouse-Lyon, Saint-Etienne-Marseille and Monaco-Nice scheduled for Saturday, December 8 all have been canceled ..

What events are maintained?

The Telethon, which is to be held this weekend throughout France, is also strongly impacted by the mobilization of "yellow vests". If it was not canceled completely, its Parisian edition which was to take place of the Concorde, had to be repatriated in the premises of France Televisions.

The march for the climate, advised by Nicolas Hulot who felt that it was "not the right time", should finally be maintained, while taking into account the evolutions of the manifestations of "yellow vests".

In Lyon, despite the "special circumstances" of the Festival of Lights 2018 mentioned by Gerard Collomb, the town hall decided to maintain the cultural events, with a security system globally equivalent to that deployed in normal times.

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