Yellow vests, act 4: Paris gets barricade

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How big will the event be on Saturday? On the Champs-Elysées, the tension is palpable. A week ago, the avenue and its surroundings were the scene of violence and clashes. In the area, the police prefecture urged traders to close shop and protect their businesses. A slogan followed by many of them.

"We can not stay open until there is violence in the shops, we can not defend ourselves, we prefer to close and not to take risks, we will not let anything drag on", explains a seller.

Barricades and cinderblock wall to protect themselves

Along the Champs-Elysées, restaurateurs store their terraces and wooden panels are placed on the windows to limit breakage. Near the Etoile roundabout, a chic brewery has not hesitated to mount a blockwork wall to protect the establishment and prevent intrusions.

A brasserie at the roundabout of Etoile has raised a wall in front of his establishment.

For the act 4 of the mobilization of the yellow vests, 14 zones are deemed "at risk" by the police headquarters in Paris. Among these obviously the Champs-Elysees and its surroundings but also the neighborhood of the Bastille, where there also wooden palisades are installed and where traders have also decided to close.

"I do not want to endanger the team, I do not want to endanger the customers who could come to our home," said a trader Bastille.

On the public space, the city hall of Paris also undertook to pick up the construction equipment not to be used as a projectile. The mayor of Paris now calls the inhabitants to "vigilance" for the day of Saturday.

Department stores on alert

On the side of Boulevard Haussmann, no closure announced for the moment in department stores but the unions express their concern them too. At the Galeries Lafayette, a call to strike was launched "to allow employees to stay at home or for some to demonstrate."

In the spring, the CGT claims the closure of the store. Last week, the two stores were evacuated due to the presence of thugs, leaving customers and employees in the street, without the possibility of taking the metro that had been closed.

Cultural life stalled

A week after the destruction of the Arc de Triomphe, many cultural institutions also took the lead. The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower but also the Grand Palais and the museums of the City of Paris will not open to the public. Theaters have also canceled performances such as the Rond-Point theater, the Marigny theater or the Champs-Elysées theater.

Many events are also canceled or postponed, the PSG-Montpellier match at the Christmas of the animals of the SPA through the festival of electronic music Inasound. The Telethon is meanwhile repatriated to the studios of France Televisions.