Wolf & Black Bear on Bison Carcus

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A grey wolf feasts on a bison carcus along the Lamar River in Yellowstone National Park. A black bear enters the scene and takes over the carcus. Additional footage shot of multiple black wolves on this same carcus – will post in coming weeks.

27 thoughts on “Wolf & Black Bear on Bison Carcus

  1. Norwegian733

    Shizuka Mikudou You are very funny. Bears are completely dominant against Wolfes.
    They also dominate all the feelines, including Siberian Tigers. But Siberian Tigers will as Wolfes kill cubs. On rare occations very small sows weighing almost every time less then 110 kg. The record largest Brown Bear known killed by a Siberian Tiger was a 170 kg female that were killed while hibernating. Male Brown Bears will often stalk the Siberian Tiger and claim his kills.
    And history also shows that Grizzlies killed large african male Lions every time the arranged pit fights between them in California 130 years ago. They won easy.

  2. Shizuka Mikudou

    Weight does not equal combat skill. The more pounds, the more dragging the bear down. Wolves are built to be far superior to bears in agility and stealth, making a contest of strength nonexistent. Wolves know instinctively how to lunge for the enemy's throat and use their long deadly canines to crush the enemy's trachea and arteries. Bears cannot compete with wolves in speed, so between a trained fighting bear and a trained fighting wolf, the bear is as good as dead by bleeding or suffocation.

  3. Shizuka Mikudou

    What? The bear or the lion? I'm guessing you're talking about a gun? Both are almost as good as dead with a few bullets in them, if that's what you're thinking. Calling people a stupid f*** shows your maturity as well as thinking that a stupid gun solves all of your problems. Wolves are protected. But have a blast shooting some bears. If you think they're so powerful and mighty, it'll boost your ego to kill one.

  4. Shizuka Mikudou

    Why, thank you. I try to make things a little funnier for people. 😛 And bears are funny, too, how dense they are. xD It would only get funnier if we saw a bear actually try to act intelligent, because Nature's Goofiest happens when that happens.

  5. Shizuka Mikudou

    @Sjamsucks Black bears are tiny lol. And wimpy. They're only like an overweight Saint Bernard. One on one, a trained wolf would make a bloody mess of a black bear Lolol

  6. Sjamsucks

    @Feilaevarin Ever seen videos of dogs fighting bears in the middle east? The bear simply stands up, waits for the dog to get close, and drops down on it and mauls it… Same would happen to a wolf. Plus wolves are only about 150 pounds, and black bear are around 300-400. Get real…

  7. Shizuka Mikudou

    @willisapril lol that mustve been some idiot's post cuz u and I both know a lion has better fighting technique and is way stronger and smarter than a bear. Lions strangle and bite their victoms, bears smack and if they get a chance, bite. If someone got a wolf and bear so angry that all they wanted to do was kill, and u put them in a cage, the bear would be dead in seconds. Wolves know exactly how to pinpoint the artery and throat, and also have agility that makes them invincible. Common sense.

  8. Shizuka Mikudou

    @willisapril Yea on any site, fact is, black bears dont have even half their body weight consisting of muscel. As proof, bears purposely pack on the chub so they can survive hibernating. Bears are only a clumsy compulsive species because that's all the intelect they need to know how to survive. And in the old days, a breed called Akita, very similar to huskies and a close relative to wolves, was TRAINED to HUNT AND KILL BEARS xD not just track them down, fight and kill the bears with their fangs

  9. willisapril

    @Feilaevarin I just saw a site where some asked what would win in a fight a black bear or a male African Lion and the reply was it could go any way. Do you really think a wolf could fare better than a lion ?

  10. willisapril

    @Feilaevarin Black bears are not flab they are all muscle on the outside they may look like a dumb clumsy animal but they are anything but. one on one a single adult wolf is no match for a cougar and in the old day wolves would fight pit bulls in pits and the pit bull would win. so please come on a single wolf won't even go anywhere near a black bear never mind fight one. Like I said before find a site where you can ask a zoologist this question and they'll back me up.

  11. Shizuka Mikudou

    @willisapril What? of course Im absolutely serious! Black bears are wimps and some humans are a bit stupid for trying to mess with any wild animal. One on one a pathetic black bear doesn't have a chance. I'm not saying wolves purposely go killing bears when they're bored and don't have a family to protect, I mean a wolf that is trained to have it's heart set on fighting a bear ya know 😀 Bears can get up to 200 pounds of flab, but adult wolves put on 180 lbs of muscle and power!

  12. willisapril

    @Feilaevarin Are you on drugs ? a single won't go anywhere near a black bear and don't under estimate them a 200 pound black bear killed a 10 ft Alligator on land in Florida and have killed numerous people over the years. one on one a full grown black bear vs a single gray wolf which is the largest isn't even close and if you don't believe me ask a zoologist.

  13. Shizuka Mikudou

    @willisapril not a chance, black bears are wimpy teddies with one obcession-food. A wolf would easily kill 10 black bears without breaking a sweat or stopping to pant xD


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