When foxes invade the streets of London

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Wild animals have elected homes in the streets of London (United Kingdom): foxes. They have proliferated there for a few years, under the benevolent gaze of the inhabitants. But some, overwhelmed by their presence, try to keep them away.

With their big ears and pointed snout, they do not go unnoticed. As soon as night falls, the Foxes take possession of the streets and make the city center of London (United Kingdom) a well-guarded territory. Nothing seems to disturb these urban foxes, not even the proximity with the inhabitants.

One of them, baptized Gaspard, regularly visits a resident on his doorstep, and even goes to pose with him. "By expanding, the city of London has gradually spread in the countryside and foxes have found their place, they are very attached to their territory.There are between 30 and 35 foxes per km2"explains the resident in question, between 8,000 and 10,000 urban foxes in London.

The number of foxes multiplied by four in England

In the country, their number has increased fourfold in the last twenty years. They feed on bins left on the sidewalks, and even find themselves sometimes lost in buses or locals. An association deals with the care of foxes, because some can be affected by a form of mange, not transmissible to humans. But some inhabitants, overwhelmed by the presence of these animals sometimes disturbing, call upon the services of companies specialized in their disappearance. To avoid their proliferation, the town halls of neighborhoods invite the inhabitants not to feed them. Simple recommendations that are often not heard.

A report by Arnaud Comte, Anto Filippi, Laura Kalmus, Alice Brogat and Nic Boothby.