VIDEO. The L214 association denounces the conditions of trout farming in France

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The target group, Aqualande, leader of smoked trout in Europe, defends itself and highlights the "good health" of its fish.

The animal welfare association L214 denounced, Friday, November 30, the breeding conditions of freshwater trout group Aqualande, in the Southwest. The latter, the largest producer of smoked trout in Europe, refutes these accusations.

Based on images shot in hidden camera, including in immersion, the association denounces the overpopulation in the basins, where "Fish are particularly susceptible to disease and suffer stress, aggression and injury, overcrowding leads to poor water quality and chronic oxygen deficiency for fish, which are breathing with difficulty".

L214 also filmed trout in organic fish farming, denouncing breeding conditions "Equivalent". She asks that"an information mission on rearing and slaughtering conditions in the fish industry is immediately put in place in the National Assembly".

According to the group Aqualande, "the images are misleading because the fish are grouped in schools, our fish have the space to be in good health and develop normally". "There is a small percentage of mortality in fish farming, less than 2%, which is lower than the mortality in the wild"says the director of communication of the company.

Aqualand says it uses antibiotics very rarely, proof that the vaccinated fish are "in good health". In addition, the turbid water is due to organic waste from the river crossing the basins.

As for the trout slaughter, they are asphyxiated in carbon dioxide, a practice "Painful", according to L214. "It's anesthesia, the fish are slowly falling asleep"Replied Aqualande.