Things to do in Spain

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We were looking for the best place to spend week of our holiday.
Which destination will be the best?
The cheapest flight! One condition: It needs to be hot place.
We live in United Kingdom (Manchester), so from our city the cheapest option was Spain. We had few cities to choose, but Malaga (Andalusia) seemed to be the most tempting offer (proposition?). Of course, we have never been there, so we started looking for ‘what to do’ things in that area.

We have to fully recommend google maps – amazing tool to create a map with all places which you want to visit.

TIP: if you do not know what we are talking about: you have to create email address on There you will have access to google applications: Maps/Menu/My places/Maps/Create a map. And that is it! Now you can add place to see/visit and share that map with travel companion.

After our trip we created map with places where we sleep, where we eat and what is worth to see (because everything is worth to see we just added few places about which we mentioned in previous posts):

Next step: lets try to orginaize our trip.
We decided to use for transport scooters and sleep in tent (to zdanie nie ma sensu:D)
You can read more about our experience with scooter here: Transport
And about accommodation here: Tent


We were looking for the best flight deal on google flight search. In our opinion that is one of the best website to find direct flight.

We paid for our tickets: 180£ return for both. Our friend said: ‘buy a baggage ticket one day before flight, it is the cheapest!’. No. it is not true. Maybe you just need to be lucky. For fly to Malaga we paid 25£ for baggage, return 45£. Both two days before flight. Price for baggage when we were booking ticket was 25£.

We had two big backpacks, but we decided to pay for only one. How did we take anyway two? We packed everything what is prohibited during search (jak to inaczej nazwac??) (pocket knife, a pillar for a tent, bigger than 100 ml bottles with cream, etc.) to one bag and we fully filled it. Second one we split (divided?) by two. In Ryanair you can have one handheld bags per person, so we just had two maximum size bags and we took them on board with us.

(informacje dotyczace namiotu w accommodation)

We arrived (flew?) to Malaga airport at the midnight, so we just took train to Malaga city center. Airport is very well communicated with city center. Last train was at 00:54, so it was exactly what we needed! Departure board you can find here. Cost for both: 3.8€. After 10 minutes we were in place (probably even by Taxi it will be longer!).

We found our hostel on booking website. You can find there a lot of very nice offers of hotels and hostels. Unfortunately is not useless if you are looking for camping (more information how to find good/any camping here).

First time we decided to book a share room. It was very bad idea! Why? We arrived to hostel very late (around 01:30 am), we woke up rest of roommates (room with 10 beds, 7 already occupied by someone + we). At the morning we woke them up again, because we didn’t want to waist time, so our alarms were set up for 7:00 o’clock and, of course, later on we took a shower in bathroom which was in the room. I’m sure that they hated us! But when we booked it we weren’t thinking about that.

First, very surprising thing: in Spain at 7:00 o’clock in June is dark!

Also streets are empty at the morning (I mean 8:00-9:00 at the morning). Compare it to Manchester is absolutely different world.


Panorama of Gibraltar

We watched a lot of vlogs about Gibraltar. We read a lot of articles about that place and were very disappointed what we saw. Partly it was caused due to bad weather. Partly because we paid for entrance to few places and the most important was closed.

Welcome to Giba!

We arrived to Gibraltar at the morning. At the beginning we staid in huge traffic. Only because we were going by scooters we were able to pass all cars and faster get to Sikorski Memorial. At the morning (around 8 o’clock) no one was there.

Sikorski Memorial

We saw a lot of offers to go by bus up to the Gibraltar mountain. In our opinion is not worth to pay fot it. You can park you vehicle almost next to the main entrance.

Our two monsters (find scooters)

From parking we had 30 minutes by walk to caves (on a map you can find patch how to get there).


At entrance point you have to pay 1€ per person to go through.



When we came to the caves turned out that we have to buy another ticket to go into the cave. We bought tickets (13€ per person). That ticket gave us permission to go into the cave, O’Hara’s Battery and Moorish Castle.

Gibraltar cave

It is small, touristy and commercial place. A lot of colorful lights became cave to unattractive and very strange place.

Gibraltar cave


Purple cave? Why not.

Next step: the best known cannon in the area. After 20 minutes we walked to closed gate. No one inform us that top of the mountain is closed. We have to admit that the weather wasn’t the best, but someone could inform us when we bought a ticket that is closed.

Beautiful view from top

We were not the only ones who stood in front of the gate and did not know what to do.

Alternative way to go down from the top

During out walk from mountain to parking we met the most famous residents: monkeys.

Little thief

They stole our peaches, they wanted to search our package, but when we wanted to pet them (of course it is not allowed) they didn’t like it.

At least monkey enjoyed out breakfast

In that situation we decided to pick up our scooters and visit another place from our ticket list: Moorish Castle (by the way: another disappointing place – we were looking longer for place to park that visited..




















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