The most popular breeds of cats

While most people know the differences between dog breeds, cat breeds are often a mystery. Below we’ve compiled information on the ten most popular cat breeds, as ranked by the Cat Fanciers Association, as well as information on each breed to help you choose the one that’s right for your home.



Since CFA began listing cat breeds in 1871, the Persian has been the most popular breed. This large cat is generally calm, easy to handle, and quiet, with an affectionate temperament. Grooming is usually a chore for Persian owners because of the breed’s thick coat.

The Maine Coon


Like Persians, Maine Coons have long topped the list of most popular cat breeds. The Maine Coon is very active, which makes it perfect for its primary function, hunting mice and rats.

Exotic Shorthair


Exotic Shorthairs are Persians with much shorter hair. Like Persians, Exotic Shorthairs have a calm and gentle temperament, but they should only be brushed twice a week.



This distinctive breed is very active and vocal. Siamese cats often “talk” to their owners and can become frustrated if ignored. While Siamese cats like to be the center of attention, they are also extremely loyal to their owners. Because Siamese cats have extremely short coats, they are very easy to care for.



Abyssinians are often considered the friendliest type of cat. They are “pet cats” that like to be near their owners at all times. These cats are small and slender and have shiny coats.



These cats are extremely large, weighing up to 10 kg. Although Ragdolls are often huge, they are also laid back and calm. Ragdolls have thick coat that requires constant attention.



Birmans greet their owners at the door and follow them around the house. They are very affectionate cats and will do almost anything for attention and affection. Burmese cats have beautiful eyes and long coats that do not require much extra grooming.

American Shorthair


American Shorthair cats are excellent family cats. While they are friendly and affectionate to all family members and other pets, they also have retained their hunting instincts and will attack pests in the home.



The Oriental is similar to the Siamese. These cats are intelligent and curious, which makes them behave like kittens for much longer than most other breeds. Orientals have large, distinct ears and almond-shaped eyes.



The Sphynx is among the ten most popular breeds, even though it is one of the rarest and most unusual types of cats. While the Sphynx looks like it’s naked, it has very short hair that helps it stay warm. Sphynx are affectionate, intelligent, and extremely athletic.

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