The cruelty of claw removal

Cats use their claws for various purposes. Claws are important for cats because they are an essential part of the balance. If you’ve ever noticed a cat jumping up and hanging on to a tall object, you’ve probably noticed it using its claws to pull itself up. When climbing trees, cats tend to use their claws to hold on to the bark and climb to their destination.

Cats also use their claws to stretch, walk and run. The claws are also the cat’s main source of defense against other animals and humans. Most cats keep their claws extremely sharp, as their claws and teeth are essentially their only weapons. Claws are also essential for using the bathroom, as cats use them to cover their messes with dirt.

Cats also use their claws to scratch at objects that mark their territory. Their claws have glands that contain a secretion. When they leave their mark on something, the secretion is transferred to the area they scratched. This is detectable for other cats, but not for humans. Sometimes they will also scratch at something to remove the older claw that will fall out and give them a whole new claw that sits underneath.

As sad as it sounds, many pet owners choose to place their own possessions on top of their cats, such as expensive furniture or rugs. These cat owners are afraid that their cat will damage their furniture or their carpet and will therefore choose to have their cat declawed. Extracting a cat’s claws is a surgical procedure, which can only be performed by a veterinarian. The owner will need a good reason though, as a vet won’t be doing the operation just to protect their furniture or carpet.

If you’re thinking about having your cat declawed, know that the process can totally change its personality. Once the cat is declawed, it will suffer and be confused. He may not be able to jump out the window or onto the sofa, and he may not be able to play like he once did. Some cats, after being declawed, tend to become aggressive and bite with their teeth. Long story short, the cat will be completely miserable, which is hard to bear for those who love their cats.

Those who decide to own cats should be aware that a cat may scratch occasionally. If someone is not ready to face this fact, they should not own a cat in the first place. Cats are great pets, although they do have claws and use them occasionally. There are plenty of other great pets out there if you’re not ready to handle a cat. If you’re just worried about your furniture or your carpet, there are ways to keep your cat from scratching your stuff.

The first thing to do is get your cat a scratching post and let them know where it is and how to use it. You can also get a rush mat, which will help your cat scratch. You may need to demonstrate how to use the mat or pole first, although your cat should pick up the slack quickly. Once you show him the ropes, he’ll scratch on the pole or the carpet — not your furniture or carpet.

Although many don’t realize it, there are other ways to protect your belongings than having your cat declawed. Having a cat’s claws removed is very painful and confusing for the cat, and can totally change its outlook on things. Before you decide to go the inhumane route of having your cat declawed, you should consider the other options available – your cat will like these options much better.

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