Super chirping chipmunk 8/18/2016. Amazingly vocal.

This is why we call her Chirpy. This morning she was the most vocal she has ever been. She even had to drink water afterwards because she chirped so hard! She ran up to me afterwards for some food.

5 thoughts on “Super chirping chipmunk 8/18/2016. Amazingly vocal.

  1. Zed 80

    That's a Tamias striatus, an Eastern Chipmunk, and a juvenile male by the looks. He looks like he is irritated by another Chipmunk or a Squirrel encroaching in his "territory".


    I am delighted to find your wonderful films by coincidence – had some of those funny little guys (bought as pets) in my house. The kindest of them had the name "Chippie" and was very often allowed to run free in the living room. He ran up the walls with textile wallpapers, hung in the curtains and loved to "eat" the books of my partner who was "not amused" :-)) Where ever Chippie was – when I made a noise with pine kernels in a glass he came running to my feet and after some seconds he was sitting on my right hand and eating his treat. So cute: He did not take it and run away – he could be sure that I would just watch and NOT touch him. The cute little guy lived 10 years in my house before I found him "in eternal sleep" one morning. Chippie, the male, also had a female partner for some time. And when it was "time to make new little chippies" (once she got some (?) and raised one – it was "like Christmas" to see it the first time) we heard her chirping this way…


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