Shark Navigator Vacuum

The new Shark Navigator is the newest vacuum to come out from Euro-Pro. This revolution machine can clean your house with ease and speed. Just check out these great features:

* The Shark Navigator never loses suction
* Provides deep carpet and superior bare floor cleaning
* Weighs only 15 pounds
* Powerful pet fur removal
* Easy to maintain with no bags and life filters

You can get the Shark Navigator for only $140 online.

Shark Navigator Vacuum Deal

Most vacuums just dont pick up deep, ground in dirt. Plus it really is a pain to go to the store and pick-up bags and make sure your getting the correct one’s.

On the infomercial they make the vacuum sound like it’s going to save the world from dust and dirt. They also focus on how they were able to copy the features of the Dyson for less money. Most feel that if they had to copy the Dyson you might as well get the original.

The Shark Navigator is easy to put together and it is bagless.  You simply wash the two sponge filters every three months.  They also give you spares.

Shark Navigator Vacuum Deal

Now for the vacuuming. Try vacuuming your carpet with your old vacuum and then go over it again with the Shark Navigator. You will not believe the amount of dirt it will pick up. Dirt and dust you can’t even see.

This vacuum will also exceed your expectations with the noise level and how light and compact it is.  The Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner may not have the name brand recognition that other manufacturers enjoy, however they cost just a little less than half their price.


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