Shark Demands Hugs Whenever She Sees Her Diver Friends


Blondie the lemon shark loves hugs

Video by: Anita Diamantopoulou
Video footage provided by: Jukin Media ( )
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42 thoughts on “Shark Demands Hugs Whenever She Sees Her Diver Friends

  1. gurney85

    She's just softening you up man! Remember the first time you dove and you was wearing a mesh suit? Now, look at you in your neoprene. Your getting lulled into rockin speedos. . . and then she'll pounce. That neoprene presents as nasty tasting skin with no tasty blood to start the frenzy, she's just baiting you to lose it. . . and then you'll lose it!! Vigilance!!! Get your steel mesh out the closet frank!


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