shark attack is an attack on a human by a shark. Every year around 75 attacks are reported worldwide. Despite their relative rarity, many people fear shark attacks after occasional serial attacks, such as the Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916, and horror fiction and films such as the Jaws series. Out of more than 480 shark species, only three are responsible for two-digit number of fatal unprovoked attacks on humans: the great white, tiger and bull Shark, however, the oceanic whitetip has probably killed many more castaways, not recorded in the statistics.

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  1. The moment you enter the water you are KNOWINGLY no longer at the top of the food chain, and there is a possibility that if you do you will be attacked perhaps even consumed. And if so don't blame or demonize the shark for doing what it's born to do.

  2. Sharks hunt for food. People are food. It's not more complicated than that. Sometimes sharks don't like the taste of humans and just spit them out but unfortunately that tidbit of human needed to find out the shark doesn't like the taste can take the human's life. Sharks aren't monsters. They are simply hungry fish.

  3. Whats the mystery? That sharks attack people? Quick answer, Because they are the apex predator of he seas and killing is in their nature. A lot of people say mistaken identity but Ive seen the work of tiger sharks, in indonesian waters, on fish cages wherein they would bite into the car tire weights for no reason. They would eat them like theyre edible. If its smaller than they are, and they havent eaten for quite a while, you dont need much reason for these animals to attack a human being


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