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Subject Make a difference: Ocean Animals

Quality Level: 3rd

Learners will reveal knowledge of/comprehending of/capability to be in a position to investigate with some assistance to find out enjoyment details about ocean animals. They really should be in a position to navigate all around a web-site and appear for information.

Standard: Frequent Main

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.three.6- With guidance and guidance from adults, use technological innovation to deliver and publish writing (applying keyboarding capabilities) as effectively as to interact and collaborate with others.

Nets Standard:

2b: Build technological innovation-enriched mastering environments that permits all college students to purse their unique curiosities and develop into active participants in environment their individual instructional targets, running their individual mastering and assessing their individual progress

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Scholar Useful resource Inquiries

Critical Dilemma: Why do we learn about animals?

Subsidiary Inquiries:

2. How quite a few teeth do sharks have?

three. What is the shark’s lifespan?

four. What are some animals Orca’s hunt/take in?

5. What style of diet program do Orca’s have?

6. What do Jellyfish use to swim?

seven. What is a Jellyfish Categorised as?

eight. Do seahorses have stomachs?

9. Do male or feminine seahorses hold their infants in their pouch?

ten. Do dolphins chew their foodstuff or swallow their foodstuff full?

11. Are dolphins fish?


  1. Student’s will have to print issues and responses and convert the assignment in.
  2. Instructor will observe the computer system capabilities of every student.
  3. Learners will be in a position to recall the responses of the earlier mentioned issues.

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