I cannot recall if I’ve explained this in a weblog in advance of, but I’m a Massive shark male. Fucking love sharks. For my 13th birthday my mom took me out of university to see the documentary ‘Shark Water’ R.I.P Rob Stewart, so when I read the best Olympian of all-time was likely to go head-to-head from the best killing machine in the globe in a race, I have to say I was intrigued.

Obtaining Phelps race a shark does present how ‘Shark Week’ does not have the exact same pzazz as it use to and is striving to provide back again ‘Shark Week’ to it’s glory times. There was a time when ‘Shark Week’ was cannot skip tv but as time has long gone on, it has fallen into the background. This is primarily simply because you can only present so lots of shark specials the place people today survive or selected questions are still left unanswered, seeking at you ‘Hunt for Mega Shark’. And then you have the truth that they only engage in two new specials a day, and engage in the replays from the day in advance of. It drives me crazy. There is no reason to have ‘Ice Road’ truckers on all through ‘Shark Week’, all 24 hours of Discovery’s programming need to be committed to all points shark. ‘Shark Week’ is more mature then I am, so I assure they have enough aged specials to fill the day and then have their two key time specials every night.

As for the race itself, I really don’t believe it’s likely to be all that great. I presume it will be Phelps swimming in a pool the place he’s timed and then they present the speeds of a Good White shark. Nobody desires to see that, we have to have Phelps to be in the exact same pool as the shark to make this matter interesting. We previously know Phelps is rapid, let’s see how a great deal more quickly he is after the dread of remaining eaten alive sets in. Moreover, the Shark desires commitment to go comprehensive pace and having the worlds best Olympian would seem like the sort of prize that’ll get this shark salivating. Stingrays have been way to cocky ever because they killed the Crocodile Hunter. Time for Sharks to get a superior profile eliminate of their possess. There is not a residing respiration soul out there who would not look at Phelps swim as rapid as feasible as a shark tries to consume him. Hell, discovery could convert it into a PPV and make some cash off it, and then donate explained cash to a shark charity.

This race has a quite Mayweather vs. McGregor sort of really feel, in the place a person human being has nothing at all definitely to drop, whilst the other, has everything to drop. I really don’t believe any person expects Phelps to conquer the shark and definitely he’s just in it for the publicity. The male has an nearly erotic asphyxiation with drinking water, so there was no way Phelps was turning down yet another option to get into the pool. But for the Shark, he has the weight of his total species on his shoulders. Every 12 months, millions of sharks are senselessly slaughtered, it’s been a tough few a long time to be a shark, if we’re remaining trustworthy. Jaws was a PR nightmare for those people fellas. So this is their possibility to get back again into everyone’s great graces. But if he have been to drop, the shark local community could as effectively pack their shit up and depart. Cannot be the king of the ocean, only to be overwhelmed by some stoner from Maryland.



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