A juvenile great white beached itself while trying to catch seagulls off Chatham, Massachusetts. Thanks to the harbor master and beach-goers, this shark was saved.
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  1. I felt so bad for that baby shark. Watching him gasp for oxygen was sad. The description stated the shark was "saved", but the video ends before confirmation of his survival… I hope he lived. At least people did something to try and save him instead of just watching him die… some people are still good at heart. Thanks y'all!

  2. Everyone can you please get me 100,000 likes because my mum told me if I get more likes like that i will get my own pet and idk what it is but I'll found out

  3. That's just rude man don't tie up the land fish and then drown it it's a land fish for a reason it wasn't dying it was just going through a rough time and it wanted to go to sleep that's why it kept moving when you threw water in it

  4. People can be so mean, every life has value! What makes a shark different from a human, it still has feelings! It was born with a natural instinct to kill its not their fault they are killers. You don't have to cut them up while they are alive, if I was a butcher or whatever I would try to kill the shark as quickly as I can then cut it up


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