Big Ass Shark Snatches Fish Right Off The Line!


Be careful when fishing in the seemingly peaceful waters of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. During a deceptively average fishin’ day Sarah Brame nearly caught…a shark!?
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Skip to the 0:40 mark to watch Sarah’s dinner get stolen by a giant swimming terror.

46 thoughts on “Big Ass Shark Snatches Fish Right Off The Line!

  1. Dazzmazing-Dazz

    Well ok it's a surprise that a shark snatches fish right off the line, but there's no reason for that stupid woman to keep screaming that it's a shark. Yes the guys know it's a shark already shut up! Or does that woman know the shark and that her lover boyfriend cheated on her with it or something like that so that she's screaming like that?

  2. linkavitchC

    BULL SHARK NO QUESTION! ive seen a 15ft tiger shark off a a house dock in marco island…the canal behind the house wasnt even as wide as this. im sure its more rare to see them in south carolina because of water clarity. sharks are out there…epic footage


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