Symptoms of Acrophobia


Acrophobia is a serious fear of heights that has a paralyzing effect. There is a group of phobias that cause irrational fears in people but acrophobia is the most common of these. Most people will have a natural reaction when looking down a cliff but if that reaction turns into a panic attack, dizziness, nausea or rapid breathing then acrophobia is likely the cause.

This, of course, is the home and repository of all our beliefs and the driver of all of our feelings. It is from the subconscious that our feelings come, and so we must return there in order to bring about any really effective treatment for acrophobia.

Symptoms of Acrophobia

An Acrophobic person can feel all those emotional and physical responses which a patient of any phobia can feel, for example: heart beat increases, sweating and sometimes crying too. Some unusual actions of an Acrophobic person are, continuously finding something to hold, crawling on each and every step of stairs, kneeling or otherwise lowering the body.

Moreover, Acrophobic person starts avoiding high places. If a condition appears where sufferer has to come on the terrace, then he/she starts trying to place him/herself in the center of the terrace.

The combined program opens with relaxation hypnosis. When you feel clear and relaxed, NLP techniques can be applied to cure a phobia. All phobias arise from the same thought process, so all that is required is a single hypnosis phobia program with the right design to vanquish any fear, or even more than one phobia.

This fear might be caused by something that happens previously that you look at heights with emotional distress. It might be elicited by a universal fear of falling down that conveys harm or casualty or seeing another person encounters a shocking event.

Since the subconscious is so dominant, it has the capacity to make pessimistic suggestions that includes affixing appalling responses to heights which is how acrophobia develops in the mind.

Then there is the fear of public speaking. Not everybody has the courage to stand up in front of a group of people and make a speech of some kind. It does not matter whether they are familiar to you or complete strangers, the hole prospect of having to do this fills some people with dread.

Phobia is an emotional disorder. It is caused by an interaction between biological and environmental factors such as disturbances, emotional trauma and unpleasant situations that often become adapted to a person’s memory. After many repetitions of the same situations, these unpleasant memories are converted to fear and consequently change the person to become phobic.

Dusty earns the respect of several friends along the way to the beach where he meets the love of his life, Jill. It is through his love for her, that Dusty breaks the chains of fear and not only learns to fly, but to soar! Cute hermit crabs, a seal that can play a banjo, a boisterous goose and a fairly wise sea lion are a few of the friends that aid Dusty and Jill in their adventures.

Now the process seems to have reversed itself. The new trend is to become a national celebrity or spend time in prison, or preferably both, and then write a book. I guess folks believe that because someone is famous they have something important to say.

Phobia of heights is technically known as acrophobia. Many people experience fear of heights but not everyone develops a phobia. In order to assure that your fright doesn’t escalate into phobia, it is necessary to address your negative emotions on a subconscious level.

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