At the end of a night dive I had quite the surprise when a very cute baby sea lion jumped on my kayak. Was the sea lion pup escaping a shark in the area? Was he cold? Or was he just playing around? In any case,it looks like I now have a new kayaking buddy. Filmed with GoPro HD Hero2 and GoPro dive housing.

If you spot an injured or sick marine animal in Southern California you can contact Marine Animal Rescue at (310) 455-272. Their website is

This is my original video and I own all the content


  1. you usually see them do this when theres a threat in the water, next time maybe don't leave your foot in the water or u guys could have more in common

  2. 1. Why u be taking a night dive I the sea at dusk
    2.i would take the sea lion home a name it idk not good with names
    3.was anyone else expecting a great white to take a bite of the guy when the sea lion jumped up on to the boat

  3. Incredible video, Rick. Was interesting watching the two of you trying to figure out if you could trust each other. He apparently decided it was worth the risk for a little warmth. Very cool to see how you just went with it. Great video.

  4. When you got up. The little pup probably was thinking "oh boy thats a weird ass looking sea lion with long flapping limbs !!!" And when you start removing those glove "Omg it's pulling its own flippers out !!"


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