A day at sea that I will never forget!!!


  1. With the way that sea pup was rubbing up against the guy's leg makes me think that it was a familiar feeling to the pup; the hair felt like the hair of it's parents. I truly believe he was exhausted from swimming endlessly after losing his parents and unsure where to go and was probably too young to find food on his own, therefore he was desperate to find someone to help him. He also looked really tired but was probably too scared to sleep in the ocean alone, he seemed to have a bit of trauma. I could be wrong though.

  2. this pup is being weaned by it's mum, she'll be off foraging somewhere. She'll leave the pup alone for maybe 4 weeks ish then return to it when they are no humans around. Hopefully this human interaction didn't cause her to abandon the pup though which is often the case.

  3. If I were that girl I'd tell him to STFU when he kept yelling at her to not touch it etc. It clearly wanted someone to pet it but leave it to a man (sorry guys but most don't know shit) to think he is a Sea Lion expert. Psst…..SMH!! Yelling all hateful to her like "Stay away from it" and "Karina….DON'T even reach out to him again" and then "You're such a clutz" saying it all sarcastic. I find this man to be a narcissistic, type A (for A-hole) personality type! But hey on bright side I did give it a thumbs up anyway since the Sea Lion was Adorable!!


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