Every working day that move further more into the Trump administration feels extra and extra like we’re dwelling in a terrible dystopian fiction novel.

Looking at the man who at one issue on the marketing campaign trail referred to as for “a full and whole shutdown” of Muslims coming into the U.S. currently being introduced with a gold medal by Saudi leaders in comprehensive hijab attire was as mentally puzzling as if you informed me that Wile E. Coyote and the Highway Runner were receiving hitched after meeting on Grinder.

It’s like the whole globe has gotten alongside one another on one big realistic joke, and the American individuals are the victims.

And no before long did my brain full processing that graphic when I instantly was introduced with the visible of Donald Trump in a yarmulke praying at the Western Wall.

I ordinarily refrain from making use of millennial vernacular, but … dafuq?

The most sacred web site in Judaism currently being intruded on by an orange-haired buffoon who thinks the generations-aged conflict in between the Israelis and the Palestinians is as very simple as solvable as a activity of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

His up coming quit? The Vatican.

Trump Saudis

Trump, a man who life a life so glamorous that the inside of of his penthouse suite is literally produced of gold, assembly with a man who empathizes so significantly with the inadequate that he voluntarily shunned the papal condominium to reside in the extra modest Vatican guesthouse. They should get along as effectively as Voldemort and Harry Potter.

(A person teach Pope Francis two phrases speedily: Avada kedavra).

This “religion tour” was evidently made to be a symbolic sojourn to bind the three doctrines beneath a get in touch with for peace, whilst becoming a member of alongside one another to battle terrorism.

It’s a noble message. Just not the correct messenger.

This was one of my greatest fears when Donald Trump was functioning for president. The actuality that he would be the one symbolizing The united states on an intercontinental stage.

People can undoubtedly scrutinize some of Barack Obama’s domestic and worldwide policy initiatives. But one matter that is plain was that the man held himself with grace and dignity wherever he went. He respected foreign cultures and customs, he was effectively-versed in his host country’s background, and he experienced a nuanced understanding of the conflicts he was talking about.

Trump, meanwhile, has proven a tendency to have his feeling adjusted in a solitary discussion with a foreign chief, and understands as significantly about background as my cat understands particle physics.

Anything just looks backwards correct now. Donald Trump is our president (continue to), and The Rock could possibly be our up coming president.

Which would mean that we may possibly be capable to reside in a country in which we can convey to individuals our last two presidents were victims of a Stone Cold Stunner.

If you, like me, needed a little something — anything at all — to just take your thoughts off these chaotic present activities, then delight in this viral online video from right now of a woman currently being pulled into h2o by a sea lion.

I’ll be out of city for most of the 7 days by way of memorial Working day weekend. i’ll consider to examine in at minimum one extra time right before then, but no ensures.

Till then, delight in the “Pope-Trump Happenin’ at the Vatican.”

You heard that title listed here very first.


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