Have you heard about any lions that cry under water? Sea Lions are the ones. Well, this is not a proved fact but many people say that they have seen sea lions crying. According to scientists, the reason is that the tear ducts present in their eyes secrete water to release the extra salt that is absorbed from the sea. Sea lions have many interesting facts associated with them. Are you inquisitive to know about them then here are some interesting information about sea lions.

Sea LionSea lions appear lazy and they love to bask in the sun and roll down on the hot beach sand, but when it comes to defending themselves or attacking some other creature than they can swim up to 25 meter per hour. They are peace lovers. They are called as the ‘Angels of the Sea’ because they have a unique style of swimming. They appear the best when they dive above the seawaters.

Are sea lions vegetarian or do they love meat?

They are carnivorous animals. They eat smaller fishes, prawns, squids and octopus. The variety of fishes that they eat depends on the region where they live. They do not drink much water from the sea because the get sufficient of it from the Deep Sea Fishes that they eat. Some sea lions are being reported of attacking humans. During the breeding season, male sea lions fast.

Where do sea lions live?

At different times, sea lions are found at different places. Sometimes, they are inside the Deep Sea or sometimes playing in the hot sand or sometimes inside the Sea Caves. They are marine animals so most of the times are found under water, they can even be found roaming near the coast. When the time comes to give birth to the cubs the female sea lions comes to the shore on land or on ice (depending on the place) to raise her cubs

Are Sea lions and Seals different?

Many of them think that Sea lions and seals are the same creatures with different names, but no they are two different fascinating creatures. They have many physical distinguishing factors. You can look at the ears and find out which mammal is it. Seals have internal ears whereas sea lions have external ear flaps. Sea lions can walk on land by using their flippers while seals cannot. Seals steer with their front floppers and propel with the back ones, while sea lions do exactly the opposite.

Who are the sea lion predators?

Big Sea Whales and sharks to fill their stomachs hunt sea lions. Humans are a threat to sea lions. Yes, humans are the greatest enemies of these wonderful and beautiful creatures. Men hunt them for their flesh. In addition, pollution and rehabilitation is a problem and makes it difficult for the sea lions to survive.


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