With over 28 million sights on YouTube, a viral video clip demonstrating a seven-hundred-pound sea lion pulling a very little girl into the drinking water off a pier in Vancouver, British Columbia, has still left lots of about the world shocked about the feasible negative behaviors that these pinniped creatures may well have.  


A young sea lion at Georgia Aquarium. (Photo Courtesy of Georgia Aquarium)

Pinniped coach, Abigail Kucher will work quite carefully with some of your favored fishy pals at Georgia Aquarium in SunTrust Pier 225’s ‘Under the Boardwalk’ sea lion presentation and with the summer months schooling plan, Camp H20 where by children study all about the worth of aquatic animal rescue & rehabilitation, exploration, and conservation. 

Kucher researched Animal Actions at Franklin & Marshall School, and from there interned at tons of other sites right before producing the aquarium her dwelling. As an professional, she sits down with us to dispel the new issues that some people today may well have relating to her college students.   

AV: Sea lions have acquired a bit of a negative rep recently thanks to the most current viral video clip. What is the difference among wild sea lions and Georgia Aquarium sea lions?

AK: So wild sea lions, the phrase by itself, it tells you that they are wild, so we will need to be quite respectful of wild animals and the atmosphere that they are in. The difference with our sea lions is that we perform with them working day in and working day out, so that we can present them the ideal care feasible and a element of that is making interactions. We have interactions with our sea lions, and we perform quite carefully with them. So there’s a significant difference!

AV: What is a sea lion’s working day to working day like at Georgia Aquarium?

AK: Our sea lions take in a diverse diet plan. They take in anyplace from ten lbs. all the way up to thirty plus lbs. of fish. Through the course of the working day we have a quite variable program for them. They’re taking part in a variety of periods, a variety of presentations, as nicely as finding a lot of enrichment. Enrichment is just about anything that stimulates them mentally and physically, and lets them to reveal their natural behavior and adaptions. We give them a lot of toys and we also make positive that we’re varying what we’re teaching them within just our periods so we educate them high strength behaviors so that they are utilizing those skills and remaining healthy, and we’re also teaching them a various facet where by we educate them husbandry behaviors, that is all the health care that they can voluntarily take part in. 

AV: What is the most pleasurable element of currently being a sea lion coach? That’s what the youngsters ideal want to know.  

AK: I feel just about every facet of it is pleasurable. I feel that is so extraordinary to be a element of rescuing sea lions, to be a element of all of their coaching, and to be able to create interactions with them. That is this kind of a fulfilling experience and to see them increase and prosper now that they have that next possibility. The coaching is just so outstanding, they are quite good animals, and we prepare as a result of a program of good reinforcement. So you strengthen behaviors that we are on the lookout for and if it’s not what we’re on the lookout for that is fully fantastic, we just merely overlook that and check out to modify the way that we’re teaching them so that they can improved recognize considering that we can’t verbally talk with them like we can a human. One particular of my favored parts is when you are coaching and that light-weight bulb goes off for them and they just realize what you are asking from them, and they know, and they get energized by it. It quite amazing to see! It’s wonderful experience to be a element of their discovering and expanding. 

AV: We really don’t have an ocean in our yard below in Atlanta, so what would you like the major just take absent from the sea lions and all sea creatures at Georgia Aquarium to be?

AK: Very well eventually we want them to study. They have a possibility to see so lots of species whilst they are below at Georgia Aquarium. Every single just one has their distinctive adaptions and their distinctive struggles that they are acquiring ideal now out in the ocean. So we want to educate the youth of today what those struggles are and how they can help. So even while we aren’t ideal at the coastline line, there are so lots of points we can do to help. For example, we can make positive we are recycling. We can make positive that we are reusing, utilizing reusable containers, vs . throwing out plastic ware. We can also conserve by vehicle pooling and producing positive we’re conserving as a great deal drinking water that we can in the course of the working day and yet another wonderful just one that I constantly like to say is utilizing reusable drinking water vs . disposable types. There are so lots of very little points that they can do below in Atlanta that eventually help all of the marine mammals out in the ocean. 

For a lot more data on Georgia Aquarium summer months applications and how you much too can help conserve aquatic animals, go to georgiaaquarium.org


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