A sea lion in Richmond, B.C., around Vancouver, grabbed a female and dragged her into the water on May 20. A person jumped in and swiftly rescued her. (Michael Fujiwara)

Canadian port officials said the parents of a minimal female who was yanked into the water by a sea lion — a shocking minute captured in a now-viral video clip — should really not have allow the baby get near to the animal.

Robert Kiesman, chair of the Steveston Harbor Authority in British Columbia, advised CBC News the tourist desired destination on Canada’s western coast had various indications telling people not to feed sea animals.

The video clip confirmed the sea lion swimming around the dock after somebody threw a piece of food items. Then, terror.

“You wouldn’t go up to a grizzly bear in the bush and hand him a ham sandwich, so you should not be handing a thousand-pound wild animal in the water slices of bread,” Kiesman said. “And you unquestionably should not be letting your minimal female sit on the edge of the dock with her costume hanging down immediately after the sea lion has currently snapped at her as soon as. Just entirely reckless habits.”

Kiesman’s comments arrived immediately after the incident Saturday at Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf around Vancouver, British Columbia.

The startling video taken by Michael Fujiwara displays the minimal female was sitting down at the edge of the dock when the sea lion rose from the water, grabbing her by her white costume and dragging her into the water.

Onlookers can be heard screaming in horror, as an unknown person instantly jumped into the water to preserve the female.

Fujiwara’s video clip was posted on YouTube, exactly where it has considering that been viewed millions of periods.

The Steveston Harbor Authority also posted a statement on its web page repeating the warning not to feed animals that frequent the seaside area.

“While we respect that seeing wildlife can be fascinating, we anxiety that feeding wildlife is equally unlawful and perilous!” the statement said, adding afterwards: “Also, hold in mind that feeding wildlife can also be extremely harmful to the animals by themselves, as they may possibly master to affiliate humans with an quick supply of food items, which can guide to them not staying in a position to efficiently secure food items in the wild.”

Federal legislation in Canada prohibits individuals from disturbing marine animals other than when fishing. The utmost fantastic for violating the rule is $100,000.

Kiesman said port officers have posted much more indications along the Steveston dock considering that the incident.

“DO NOT FEED OR Touch THE ANIMAL. Do not get near to the animal and hold young children absent. Observe it only from a distance,” just one of the indications states.

The 1st portion of the video clip displays the sea lion swimming around the dock as travelers collected all around. The audio of cameras clicking can be heard as onlookers marveled at the animal’s sizing.

The animal swims nearer immediately after grabbing a piece of food items that somebody threw.

“So adorable,” somebody can be heard indicating.

The sea lion rises from the water towards the female who was kneeling around the dock, then goes back in. She and the others chuckle. The animal jumps up once again immediately after the female sat on the edge of the dock.

No just one appears to have been wounded. The female and her loved ones, who have not been identified, can be witnessed leaving ideal immediately after she was out of the water.

“They have been quite shaken up,” Fujiwara advised CBC News. “Her loved ones was just in shock.”

Andrew Tites, director of the University of British Columbia’s Marine Mammal Investigate Device, also criticized people who bought near to the animal, which he said is a California sea lion.

“My 1st reaction to the video clip is just how stupid some individuals can be to not deal with wildlife with appropriate regard,” he advised CBC News.

Kiesman echoed Tites.

“We’ve now witnessed an instance of why it’s unlawful to do this and why it’s perilous and frankly stupid to do this,” he said.

Tites said sea lions are not normally perilous, and it’s likely that the animal believed the girl’s costume was food items.

Attacks by sea lions on humans are uncommon, Lt. John Sandmeyer advised a local tv station in San Diego, exactly where a sea lion dragged a 62-calendar year-aged person off his boat and about 20 feet underwater. Dan Carlin was posing for a photograph with a yellowtail fish he had caught when the sea lion bit into his hand and pulled him overboard, the Television station documented.

An grownup California sea lion is about the similar sizing as a 6-foot-tall man and weighs about 610 to 860 lbs .. Even though the “cliched circus seal” that balances a ball on its nose and jumps by hoops is generally a California sea lion, these kinds of animals in the wild are sleek and a lot quicker than any other sea lion, according to a Countrywide Geographic write-up.

They are living along North America’s western coast. Males migrate north during the winter season time and return to the California and Mexican coastlines during the summer months to breed.

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