Royal Horse Gone WILD — “PHOTOS”

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Not everyone is “into” weddings, romance, the UK, the Royal Family, or pomp and circumstance.

It’s the world, and everyone has different opinions and taste. It’s OK.


With no TV, and a host of reasons — let’s just say this wedding was not a priority, and was totally missed via live stream. That’s even better because there was no feeling of being confined to watching every iota of something that wasn’t fully interesting and wasting time.

Harry fascinates me on a human level, watching him grow up without his beloved mother as a the youngest child.

It’s clear by his life, behaviors, and actions now —- he DEEPLY loves and misses his mum, or mom.

Let me just say, this marriage concerns me.

Remember, you CANNOT read my mind. If you are curious as “why” — ask.

Onto the carriage ride!

(Photos/screenshots by YouTube — Courtesy of the Royal Family)

Fortunately someone copied the original video, something is glitchy with ads, so details do matter GREATLY.

Timing is of the essence HERE!

In case you are curious.

Here’s the link if you missed it, or want see:

  • Bishop Michael Curry at the 1:13:25 minute mark,
  • The Kingdom Choir performed with absolute perfection. Watch Harry — his love for Meghan is evident. It’s at the 1:27:17 minute mark,
  • The 19 year old cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason can be found at the 1:48:02 minute mark. He’s a remarkable young artist.
  • The wedded couple exits church at the 2:01:11 minute mark.

(Scroll down now, please.)

The magazines were writing about the horses selected for the carriage ride.

Nobody cares!

Heres’ why.


This was confusing at first glance. My carriage ride wasn’t so fancy with the use of wand or baton, but I got the “driver” to break the rules for me — TWICE. I’m not even looking up terminology.

It’s not the point here. Keep looking.

Guiding 1st This lay out is deliberate. Please keep in mind they are moving.

Then I saw this. He’s guiding.

Guiding 2nd

The entrance looks so grand, yet something appears to happen on the other side.

All looked nice !

Something spooky must have have happened to one horse, but not only it. Sure looks pretty — doesn’t it?

Whao nelly 1.jpeg

©GStreetJewels couldn’t resist! That beauty’s head is to BE DOWN. It’s not a circus, but it’s about to look like one with big CLOWN.

Whoa Nelly 2

They’re in FRONT for a reason.

This ONE?
Only a season.

Somebody’s watching, besides me.

Whoa Nelly 3.jpeg

This is a lot of horse power, and moves ULTRA fast!

Whoa Nelly 4

It’s supposed to be in line too. OH NO!!!


They’re looking BELOW, because it’s seriously dangerous.

Whoa Nelly 5

The horse is brown, and rearing back — in the pack. The crowd is tight and loud.

Whoa Nelly 6

Here we go. ON WITH SHOW!

Whao Nelly 7

Someone doesn’t appear to be looking.

Whoa NELLY 8

WHOA Nelly!

What’s this guy saying to himself?
Better yet to the horse?

The guy in carriage on the left is watching this MESS.

Whoa Nelly 9

Royal horse goes WILD!
That was close.

Whoa Nelly 10

The BARN! 

Whoa Nelly 11

Hair raising (mane starts flying first!) Giddy up!

Whoa Nelly 12This beauty has been trying hard to gallop the entire time, or at least trot.
Fluffed, fly-away mane.

Whoa Nelly 13 (Mane is flying)

The rider is still struggling with the horse.

Whoa Nelly 14.jpeg

The one beside it is fine. Someone is fortunate there isn’t a glue factory in the future.

Whoa Nelly 16.jpeg


Whoa Nelly 17


Whoa Nelly 18 (The BARN).jpeg


Green pastures await. Be kind to animals, they don’t always like to cooperate.

Only ©GStreetJewels would show you this tedious stuff.

“What’s the key to relating to others? It’s putting yourself in someone else’s place instead of putting them in their place.”

-John Maxwell


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