Zaparat – Electronic Rodent Zapper, The Most Efficient Way of Killing Rats and Mice


Combating the ongoing invasion of your home by rats and mice has always been a problem. Until now! The new Zaparat Electronic Rodent Zapper is the latest weapon in the war against rats and mice.

After spending what seems a lifetime battling these invasive pests with conventional methods such as snap traps and poisons we embarked on a different approach a few years back.

Wooden snap traps were being replaced by plastic ones which seemed to just disappear because they were too light. Poisons of different varieties were either not touched or continually being eaten putting a toll on the hip pocket. Then there was the smell! There is nothing more unforgettable than the acrid odor of decomposing rodents in your wall cavities. The use of poison also started to weigh heavily on our minds when we considered the ongoing cost, the threat to our family pets and the native wildlife through secondary poisoning.

There had to be a better and more environmentally friendly way, and there was! Electronic rat and mouse zappers became our one and only weapon. After years of trying the different brands available, listening to many comments from friends and others, we believe we have finally found the most efficient and cost effective zapper available.

The Zaparat Electronic Rodent Zapper utilizes advanced technology to deliver a quick and deadly electric shock to rats and mice. Simply baited with a few pieces of ordinary dry pet food, it is environmentally friendly and mess free. The Zaparat can be powered by 4 x “C” cell alkaline batteries or a 6 volt DC power adaptor which makes this zapper cheaper to run and friendlier to the environment as you don’t need to use batteries. It is extremely easy to use, safe around pets and there is no need to touch the dead rat or mouse. The LED indicator lets you know exactly what is going on. Solid red light means the high voltage is firing, flashing green light indicates the kill cycle has completed and it is ready to be emptied and reset, flashing red light indicates low battery power. Unlike other zappers available, the Zaparat’s battery chamber and electronics section can be removed from the chamber to facilitate easy cleaning of the chamber without any threat of getting the electronics wet.

Understanding rats and mice and their habits is important in any trapping attempts. Rats and mice have scent laden pathways and they stick to them. Placing your Zaparat on one of these pathways or other area of activity always gives the best and quickest results. Location, location, location! Look for evidence of pathways, droppings, greasy stains, etc and locate your zapper accordingly.

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