Rodent breeding update and some cute babies.


Rodent breeding update.

The lab block I use is Mazuri.

The bedding I use is

A lot of the hardware can be found at

Thanks a lot for the support. I would love to help out with any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

27 thoughts on “Rodent breeding update and some cute babies.

  1. Madeleine Wilson

    Its dangerous to keep more than one family (Mother and babies) in one cage because the mothers get confused as to whose baby belongs to who and they fight over them, usually killing the baby in the process- if you want to continue breeding and selling to families,i would advise you to separate the families, giving each their own space. If you do not have enough room for this then you should not breed so many rats at one time.

  2. Megan Swift

    I had three 'girls' but I found out the hard way one one was a boy mouse…then we ended up with 15 mice altogether, 11 baby boys and 1 baby girl. one litter of 8 – 7 boys and 1 girl. one litter of four – all boys.

  3. Nick & Emily

    Do you recommend breeding mice knowing I only have two snakes? Obviously sell some off but keep some for myself? This something worth getting into or just stick to buying from the store?

  4. yinyang beats

    Is it weird that I want to buy a couple of mice and have them breed and just collect all the babies and start a giant population of rats and set up a huge playground for them, not for feeding or anything? I'm a uni student; I wonder why my brain makes me want to nurture something into a large population and just sit back in awe at the wonder of life… Sorry. Having weird thoughts at 5am.

  5. Sam

    Are rats the only animals you breed? Did you need a license to breed and sell them? Also is it good money because I'm a student and might want to do something like this on the side.

  6. All About Millie

    Ok so i have a few questions regarding the animals welfare. I own two fancy mice myself and in terms of need rats are very similar to mice.
    1. Are your rats constantly living in those bins?
    2. Are you constantly breeding them?
    3. Do they get any natural sunlight?
    So basically the bins that they are living in are in my opinion way to small for around 50 rats at a time. Imagine having to live with 2 other men and 20+ toddlers in one room for the whole of your life. Also rats are very inquisitive, intelligent and social animals, I didn't see any types of toys, fresh foods or beds that they could find entertaining and challenging. I'm not trying to be rude or annoying I'm just genuinely concerned, if you make them live in a boring box with no toys or natural sunlight then your rats will just go brain dead and I'm not over exaggerating that is what happens to any living thing if there is nothing for it to do. Also continuous breeding can kill them. Just think about what I have said. 🙂


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