If you have seen signs that your home is infested with mice, call a pest control company. It may be that there’s a tiny access point in your attic, or a hole around cabling or piping between the inside and outside of your house and just one mouse came in.

At the same time, you could have just came face to face with the tip of the iceberg. One mouse could be a sign of a large mouse infestation that you are not aware of. Once you know they are there, be sure to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The main reason to immediately respond is that these rodents can breed as many as ten litters per year. The situation can change from one mouse to a houseful in a matter of months. They will seek out food, which means the surfaces of your kitchen can become contaminated with the bacteria that is found in their feces. A couple of mice can turn into 50 mice in just a few months.

Mice will chew on the wood and other materials in your home. This helps them to keep their teeth from growing too large. The damage they can cause is more than the discomfort of knowing they’re walking through your kitchen cabinets; they will also harm your possessions.

Many people will use various consumer products in order to deal with an infestation. There are traps that will kill, or can be used as catch-and-release devices. However, if the animal is released, it might return to your house. Also, if the mousetrap doesn’t succeed in killing the rodent, that terrible job will be left up to you.

Another option is to use poison. However, that can also be deadly to children and house pets. Ultimately, the best way to deal with a mouse infestation is to call the experts. They will take care of the problem most efficiently.

When you realize that you have become the victim of a mouse infestation, don’t hesitate to act. The issue will only worsen if you wait. There are many products on the market today that can help you deal with an infestation. From mouse traps to over the counter poisons that will help get rid of the problem.

It is best however, that you get a professional exterminator deal with the job. First of all you don’t want to be handling any dead mice. They carry many diseases and can be dangerous. Then it is the matter of the poisons and chemicals that you might use. Having a certified and experienced pest control professional will help you avoid all these issues. Contact a professional pest control company for the best results, and soon you’ll be comfortable in your home again.


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