In this second webisode of “In the Field with Dan Beck,” former alligator wrestler and current Florida pest control specialist, Dan Beck provides homeowners with effective Rodent-Proofing methods.

Tune in at the beginning of every month to see what type of pest Nozzle Nolen’s daring technician must face head-on!

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  1. Not sure what you were doing to that angular structure while you talked about copper wire. What did you stick into that space? Then it seems you sealed it by squeezing a tube. What is in that tube?

  2. I like YOU! Every Pest control (Exterminator) Company I've had come out (for Estimates) never went on my roof. I recently found out that there are fresh rat droppings in both my attics. Up stairs & Downstairs. IF someone would do as YOU did, Maaaay be we could find out just how these cretins are masterminding their way in.
    Do you have branches here, in California?


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