How to remove mice, insect, and rodents with this rodent repellent! This is ultrasonic, Pest Repellent, frequencies combined with a loud annoying, insect repellent, sound ! This sonido aturdidor, will drive out unwanted pests from your home, backyard, and surrounding areas. The louder you turn it up, the greater its effective range. It is the #1 electronic pest control! This is intended to repellent mice, rats, mosquitoes, rodents, and other unwanted insects. Report below and comment with your results! It may drive out Cockroaches also. Repelente ! Please comment below with your findings.

Here is the NEW IMPROVED version of with no ADS for mice, rats, and rodents only :

Here is the longer version of this video:



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  1. This works really well. I have crickets in my room cause my sister just got a bearded dragon for Christmas and some of the crickets got loose and wound up in my room, I've captured 3 of them and brought them back outside

  2. So I heard noises right and I knew it was a rat so I put this music really loud and I kept hearing the noises and I was trying to fall asleep so I kept hearing it after putting this so I turned on my light and I kept hearing it while the music was playing so I hunted it down and I found it there just playing with a plastic bag and this sound didn't drive it away now I can't sleep

  3. New tips for everyone; Rodents and bugs hate the scent of mint oil. Use REAL mint oil, not knock off fake scents. It burns the noses of rodents when they breathe it in.

    For bug problems (roaches ect), use diatomaceous earth. The food grade kind. Sprinkle it everywhere you see roaches. Usually carpets and furniture. It's microscopic organic glass that penetrates their shells and sucks out their moisture. Within 12-24 hours, they'll be dead. Vacuum and reapply every other day. No it is not harmful to us or your pets. Just keep it out of the eyes. The rule of thumb for just about everything.

  4. There was this annoying squirrel sitting in a tree in front of my apartment. He was making that alarm noise and when I opened my blinds, he stared at me for almost ten minutes while doing so. Feeling like I might get attacked, I opened the door and he looked as if he was about to plunge at me. I played this sound and he resisted at first, but eventually got annoyed and ran away.

  5. I could here mice digging in my attic above my room.. really loud. so I put this on full blast on my phone and put it up to my ceiling and I haven't heard it for about 10 minutes.

  6. I dont know if it will work because the mice are in my walls… and ceiling… None of them are in my appartment… Can they hear the sound through the wall that is the question… mmmmh? we'll see 😛

  7. OH MY GOD, IT WORKED!!!!!! I've had a mouse for about 4 days, creeping around in my room. I opened up the front door, played this through a 600 Watt Stereo on full blast, and THAT SON OF A GUN RAN RIGHT OUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!!! I've NEVER been more THANKFUL in my LIFE!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. We recently started getting mice in the walls scratching around because the mobile home were in doesn't have anything under it protecting the insulation.. This seems to be helping! but I have to play it for an extended period of time for it to keep working, I hear them come back but then I just play this again and they stop scratching at the walls! good stuff. Want to just play this for 24 hours and go on vacation for a day and let them have at it! Haha..but could also wear noise cancelling earphones while I play this too I suppose! Also would like a louder speaker!

  9. Hi Randal, you linked me here and at first I didn't think it worked, but I played it for about 15 minutes and I haven't heard a scratch at all.. great job. This is going onto my watch later play list for next time … (I hope there's not a next time, I'm petrified of mice) Cheers


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