This is safe to use for rats, mice, hamsters, and gerbils. This will help you learn how to make your own rodent food at home. This must be fed with another food, such as rodent blocks. This is perfect to feed with a fresh rodent mix (I post these once a week on Instagram). I do not feed my rodents any rodent blocks, since I feed a wide variety of food.

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  1. I'm a little surprised that your dry mix isn't made up of more whole grains since you seem to lean more towards unprocessed diets for your pets. Not trying to be rude. Just genuinely surprised.

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  3. Hey! I know this is really random, but can you use corn cob bedding for a ferret's litter box? I had a mouse and this helped get rid of the scent, so I was thinking it might help a little with the ferret scent. Also can you pls do more videos of ferrets bc I want one, but I want to make sure I know everything about them before I get one.

  4. Hello,@Happy Tails thank you so much for your help I actually have been wanting a pet since I was young.So I am 12 years old and I really want a pet that is playful and loved than dogs.And I will be taking care of it so I really want a pet thats easy to take care of and doesn't harm ,bite or scratch . please reply soon , what do you highly recommend?,Thank you


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