STOCKTON — A person captured what appears to be a selection of mice working by crates of tomatoes in a Stockton supermarket.

Warning: The video underneath contains some offensive language.

Originally posted to Facebook, Lee Yim promises he filmed the mice darting in and across shelves at the Foods four Less on East March Lane.

“My spouse check with me go get tomatoes…” Yim wrote. “I reported, ‘hell naw … there’s freakin’ mice.'”

Reportedly, personnel were being notified of the infestation and threw the create absent, but were being not able to capture the mice at the time.

The San Joaquin County Environmental Well being Section issued a statement about the video afterwards Monday afternoon:

This morning, the San Joaquin County Environmental Well being Section gained problems of rodents in the create office at the Foods four Less, located on March Lane in Stockton.  An inspector was despatched to the facility and discovered proof of rodent exercise. The facility was instructed to consider the subsequent steps:

  • near any impacted spots of the create part of the retail outlet and take out the create from sale
  • carry out thorough cleansing and disinfection of the impacted spots
  • look for quick additional pest command actions for the impacted spots
  • do away with all doable rodent harborage spots

The Environmental Well being Section will re-inspect to assure all steps have been taken prior to the reopening of the create part.

With the enable of the general public in reporting difficulties, the Environmental Well being Section can reply quickly and assure corrective steps are taken. The health and safety of San Joaquin County people is our leading precedence and we are getting each and every action doable to assure that food items is protected.


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