Attic cleaning and attic rodent pest control are specialized areas of pest control. Often attic cleanup is followed by attic insulation removal and replacement.

Has your attic been contaminated by rodents or other wild animals living there?   Attic insulation makes a very cozy nest for many animals.  Rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, birds, bats and other animals can sometimes find a home in your attic.

While rodents and other animals are living in your attic, they urinate and defecate.  It’s not unusual to find your attic filled with animal droppings and urine.  Animal urine pools on the drywall (ceiling) of the home. Many homes have their air conditioning units in the attic which is a concern to many that they may be breathing in contaminated air from their attic.

The animal fecal matter can contain harmful parasites, disease, or odors that are dangerous to humans. If not removed not only will it pose a health risk, but it will also draw other animals back to your attic.  Your home may start to smell bad and urine spots can start to appear on your ceiling.

Attic decontamination can only occur after the animal removal is complete. This is usually a separate process from the animal removal.

The attic decontamination process includes:

•    Removal of animal urine and feces.
•    Removal of urine and fecal stained materials.
•    Treating affected areas with special enzyme based biological decontaminating agents.
•    Treating affected areas with solutions to neutralize the odors.

After attic cleaning and attic decontamination the next step is attic repairs. Attic repairs may or may not be included in the attic cleaning and decontamination service.  An attic cleaning specialist can advise you of the repairs needed and measures to keep those wild animals out of your attic. Also, your homeowners insurance may cover the attic repairs.

It is common to find huge amounts of droppings in the attic. When your attic is contaminated with these unhealthy conditions it may be best to contract professional attic cleaning specialists to remove the animals and waste. They can then decontaminate these your attic while disinfecting and sanitizing your structure.

A professional attic cleaning company can employ large industrial attic vacuums specifically designed to vacuum cellulose and old wood chip attic insulation at about 2,000 square feet per hour. This makes the old day long job of manually bagging the same amount of material faster and easier on time spent on labor. These vacuums are powerful and effective at removing all materials from your attic space including the animal waste, scraps, dust and old dirt. 

After removing the contaminated insulation and animal waste the next step is to disinfect and clean beams and joists with virucidal disinfectants. Photos should be taken before, during and after the cleanup job for home insurance documentation.

Attic cleaning service professionals are usually able to remove 100% of the material in the attic and disinfect the area in one day. For more information on attic cleaning, attic rodent removal and attic decontamination see


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