Waterproof Mobile Phones by Flying Penguin

By popular request, Flying Penguin is proud to announce the introduction of its Waterproof Mobile Phone category.

After being inundated with requests from customers to offer Waterproof Mobile Phones, Flying Penguin has done even better than that! Check out the great items in this new product category, everything an outdoors adventurer or extreme sports person could ever want in a Mobile Phone. Also a price range for everyone too.

Whether it just being caught in that torrential downpoor, accidentally dropping the phone in a puddle or the bath or if you are into extreme outdoor activities, these phones will never let you down. You can be contactable anywhere, you can call for help or chat to loved ones even in the most extreme of conditions.

Check out the FP158 waterproof mobile phone.

A rugged candy bar design in a two-tone colour scheme of blue and black (blue rubber / black hardened plastic). It has top range features and easy to use menus with built in MP3 player and multi-media functions. It has excellent coverage and compatibility with the inclusion of the 2100MHz band (HSDPA) and Supports wireless broadband speeds up to 3.6Mbps on HSDPA. It is also unlocked, sim free, so you can use any sim card you like providing it operates on a compatible frequency.

The phone is not only waterproof but drop proof too, and with its amazing connectivity and wide range of applications it is the ideal companion for anyone on the move or with a hard wearing outdoor lifestyle.

But, the most impressive feature of this phone, once you have seen the specification, is the incredibly affordable price!!!

The FP158 Waterproof Mobile Phone

The FP158 Waterproof Mobile Phone

The FP158 Waterproof Mobile Phone


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