Penguin Cafe: Little Desk Live performance


The tunes of Penguin Cafe is like no other. Its origins day back again to the early ’70s, inside of fever desires Simon Jeffes experienced that have been brought on by food poisoning. In individuals desires he imagined a dispassionate earth “where by everybody lived in major concrete blocks and expended their life hunting into screens. In a single home, there was a couple creating like lovelessly. In another there was a musician sat at a huge array of machines, but with headphones on, so there was no genuine tunes in the home.” Eerily correct.

But he also imagined a position, the Penguin Cafe, where by folks could gather, for pleasure, cheer and tunes. He wanted to listen to what that tunes would sound like, and so created the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. I was always a huge fan of that unique tunes listeners of NPR may well have heard it usually in-in between news stories in the course of the numerous several years I directed All Points Considered.

Whilst Simon Jeffes died in 1997, his son Arthur has been generating new tunes infused with his father’s unique inspiration. He calls his team, basically, Penguin Cafe. You can listen to Brazilian appears in the rhythms, classical and minimalism in the strings, Asia in its harmonium, African appears in the kalimbas. But truthfully, it truly is none of these it truly is a common aspiration point out.

If you happen to be hunting to explore more be positive the pay attention to Penguin Cafe’s new album The Imperfect Sea, which nods to Kraftwerk, Simian Cellular Disco and Franz Schubert. It truly is none of these.

The Imperfect Sea is available now. (iTunes) (Amazon)

Set Listing

  • “Wheels Within just Wheels”
  • “Security”
  • “Ricercar”


Arthur Jeffes (piano, cuatro) Oli Langford (violin) Neil Codling (piano, harmonium, dulcitone, ukulele) Darren Berry (percussion) Clementine Brown (violin) Vincent Greene (viola) Des Murphy (ukulele) Andy Waterworth (double bass)


Producers: Bob Boilen, Niki Walker Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin Videographers: Niki Walker, Kara Body, Beck Harlan PA: CJ Riculan Image: Claire Harbage/NPR.

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