I started out playing club penguin a while back, and always had a problem getting coins. It seemed to take forever to get them and it looked like my friends always had more than me. One day when i saw that a friend of mine had gotten over a hundred thousand coins i started wondering if he had been using club penguin coin cheats.

He told me that he had gotten a hold of a cheating tool that made if possible for him to cheat his way to as many coins as he wanted in club penguin and that it was not easy to get a hold of one and that he was unsure where i could download one for my self, but he told me he had found it online at some website so i started to look for it.

After a while i found the website where i could download it for free and got myself a copy to test it out and to see if it really worked. I installed it on my computer and gave it a try.

The cheating tool allowed me to cheat for upto 50.000 coins at a time and when i loaded it up club penguin started inside it and i had the option to cheat for the coins, so i did that and was amazed when it actually worked. I got my first 50.000 coins in a matter of minutes and have been using it ever since. If you want to go grab a tool like this i recommend you check out my links below for the website.


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