#177 Turning points and reflections…


A mixed bag of music to reflect where many of us are in life; a turning point. The seasons, life choices, decisions on the future, decisions on money, decisions on partners, decisions on what music we listen to. It seems fitting there’s something for everyone on this weeks palate.


Some fans might recognise the face of Jenny off of Warpaint, but as TT, she gives so much more. This debut tune “Love Leaks” is a wonderful daze moment for those of us in need out there.

AUS band Bugs are bringing more rock x grunge to our ears with their latest ‘Glue’. This happy vibes jam is the sound that’ll bring these Brisbane rockers into the playlists of many around the world.

Northern Irish rockers Fangclub are back with new riffs. After catching them live it’s clear the fans are really loving the adrenaline rush of an amped chorus. Although not re-writing the rules of rock, it’s good to hear this style getting some sunshine in the current climate.

Loving the ferocious style of newcomers Chocolate. Hertfordshire-based, but having elements of everything from modern alt. rock to nu-metal to other throwback styles, “Heavyweight” a really fun listen.

Despite being a live verison, “Get Me Out” by Penguin sounds just as grand here as it does studio-recorded. This Newcastle (UK) group are taking things slowly with releasing songs, but each one has proven to be a really strong track, helping define their sound.

This next band was first grabbed off a play next from Soundcloud. Pretty good eh? Meet Grimm Twins whose raw spewing of “Generation Z” has starting to cause rumblings in the hunt for great new alt. sounds across the UK.

And leaving you with the MONSTER (in a great way!!) that is Black Peaks. Back with something of a future classic and definitely an anthem for those of us who are dribbling with anticipation of those live shows that we know to be world class.

Elise x




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