PeAks – Shark Attack

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One of our excursions across the Canadian Rockies last summer was ironically with Calgary surf babes, PeAks, who were touring and bound for Vancouver. The project had a glowing abundance of gourmet camp grub, Bowen Island beer and camera equipment, yet it lacked a specific purpose other than to spend some quality time with friends in the great outdoors and make some music. We rented a generator and for the first time, we would attempt to power a full electric rock band in the wilderness. The stakes were higher than they had ever been – especially when West director, Chad Tweten proclaimed at a band meeting: “…well, we’re gonna film something on this trip”.

With a couple of days to spare before hitting the coast, we set up our tents at Lac Le Jeune, which is nearby Kamloops, BC. Because Kamloops is situated in the rain shadow leeward of the Coast Mountains, much of the region’s terrain is desert-like. It wasn’t long before we were enamoured around the prospect of performing the shoot there. So away we went: two trucks, four band members, four crew members, amps, instruments, camera gear, generator and (thankfully) tarps.

The first location we would try was a disaster in disguise – a plot of cactus riddled farmland overlooking the Thompson River valley. After lugging everything for (what seemed to be) a half kilometre through the brush after scaling over a barbed wire fence, we hadn’t so much as plugged in the power bar when a torrential downpour washed over us. With so much tedious work seeming all for not, the eight of us clung onto the tarp, cursing ourselves and praying that the gear would not become water-logged. Now I know how ants must feel when you spray their nest with a garden hose. Luckily we escaped unscathed. In returning back to camp – albeit, tails between our legs – it was time for a new game plan.

After a well-warranted regroup, our second and third session locations would prove to be quite rewarding. Above is some rare, full colour footage of the band rehearsing in a forest meadow we stumbled upon – be ready for our full PeAks session which will be premiering soon on Welcome to the West.

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