Super angry, Aiden baby monkey cry Seizure cos angry mom and Sasha bad mom/Wild Monkey


Baby very angry, Aiden baby monkey cry Seizure cos angry mom and Sasha bad mom.
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13 thoughts on “Super angry, Aiden baby monkey cry Seizure cos angry mom and Sasha bad mom/Wild Monkey

  1. D town 313

    Man I wish Dolly and would get chased into the road and get hit and killed. That would make my day. She is a fucking cunt bit the mother for holding her own baby. I want to take her fucking head off.

  2. Hope Martin

    I notice why all these mothers want the other babies but their own ha? What is up with that! everybody wants the other and not their own somebody explain that to me! Please.

  3. Kathy Hargrove

    It’s the big monkey at the top of the screen at 3:36 we cannot see that gets Aiden upset and crying so hard and has him falling down the hill. You can barely see the hands if you watch they are reaching for him and that’s what gets him upset. Apparently he doesn’t want those hands to touch him or he is scared of the monkey whose hands they belong to. Because he is fine all up to that point and after that point. He just must be afraid of that monkey or doesn’t want that monkey at that time because if you notice Aiden has cuddled up next to mama and that’s when the hands at the top of the screen reach for him.

  4. Kevin Flaherty

    See the conversation between the 2 mom's. She was going to drop the baby and walk off, the other mom (I think sasha) held her back as if to say… you go no where, take care of your baby…

  5. DD Bb

    What is he crying about now? I’m going to call him the new king of crying. I did not see them hurt or harm him in any way for that outburst

  6. Binker the Stinker

    why do these guys make 10 minute long videos when there's only like 1 minute of real action in the whole video? I mean I lived in Cambodia for a while and I also don't know how they are able to upload 10 minute videos, which must be at least a gigabyte in size. The internet is not very fast in Cambodia unless you spend over a 100 dollars a month for very good quality internet. Anyway, the action starts around 3:30 mark, so save your time and skip to that point. He is only crying for like 20 seconds. Why did they have to make a 10 MINUTE video for god's sake?


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