Poor Baby Monkey 2012/ 02/ 18


First, I would like to thank you those who expressed your interest in the baby monkey video.
I know many of you want to know how the baby monkey is doing. To be honest, I do not know exactly what happened.

I actually asked one of the zookeepers how the baby monkey is and the zookeeper said that he was being treated for the injury caused by other monkeys. After a few days when I asked again another zoonkeeper said the baby monkey died because he was ill and so weak not because of the attack by other monkeys.

However, I wanted to double check and asked the zoo again. Now I am waiting for their reply – hopefully a good news. As soon as I hear from them I will let you know.

The uploaded videos are most dramatic ones amongst the films I shot. I am now trying to rearrange them in time sequence, as they happen with date. It will help you to understand the relation between the mother monkey and the baby and the mother monkey’s strange behaviours.

Apologies for not answering all your comment. If I hear about the monkeys, I will upload here.

43 thoughts on “Poor Baby Monkey 2012/ 02/ 18

  1. Jeffrey Young

    , I would have loved it if mother monkey throw that little bastard monkey into those iron bars as hard as she could watch his head bust open his brain splatter all over fuck baby monkeys

  2. Dana East

    I know this baby is long gone but I really hope this dead beat zoo learned something from this experience. The baby should've been taken away from the mother at the first signs of abuse, not after its almost dead. Shame on them.

  3. Annie Williams

    It sounds like the people that are visiting the zoo are a bunch of crazy ass people and the guy that's video in it it should be shut down this is horrible for these animals there is no compassion there

  4. Roberta Henman

    I totally enjoy the way she handles it. She knows it's trash. But so is she. Iv watched some older videos. No wonder this bastard was a total wreck at the end. It is terrified all the time. I mean I have no pity. I hate all these creature. Fucking ugly.

  5. idiotsniff

    how awful, that baby should be removed from that enclosure. at very least removed mum and baby. but she shouldn't be anywhere near young ones. none of them should be in cages in the first place. terrible.

  6. Glenda Roberts

    You are a sick bunch of weirdos that finds the depravity and neglect in these caged monkey videos funny. Maybe you people need in a lil cage with nothing but bars, see if you think its funny then.

  7. Mastiff Mama

    That is the worst looking bunch of monkeys I have ever seen. The mother monkey is totally dysfunctional. of course if she was raised in this dump that explains a lot. She probably has no role models. She should be sterilized though. No monkeys should suffer like this one does.

  8. fnu lnu

    Baby already having some sort of neurotic type twitch. No small wonder the way he is handled. Mom appears to have zero affection towards baby. The way she holds it is completely indifferent. It should have been removed and hand reered. Here it is over 5 years later and I wonder if it survived.

  9. Dan Fortin

    Christ on a BIKE! She rips the little guy off the fence again at about 5:00 and he is seen grabbing his hand in pain, and you know it's no trivial pain for these things hardly make a peep when they are broken in half….I'd bet they haven't the nerve endings nor a brain being fed info that makes us say "OUCH"!

  10. Wes Kendrick

    Oh and by the way dumb asses it's called the Mack attack the twitch and jerk when they cry out and scream kind like a kid has a tantrum it goes away when they hit adult but it's a freaking baby

  11. M.E Sinclair

    Thank you John Cook for educating me on something that I Know nothing about. I can only speculate. However, I am not the only one. Too many simple minded people throw out mere uneducated speculations in an attempt to prove intelligence. Then you have these comedian wanttobes that actually make a mockery of instinctual nature which in turn make themselves appear unadulterated stupid at best. Once again I would like to thank you for the logical explanation so I can better understand. Maybe you can explain in layman's terms so that others can understand.

  12. Petey possum

    I'm surprised that the Zookeeper didn't notice how badly treated the baby was by the mother. it makes me so mad I want to put a bullet in the monkey mom. I don't even like monkeys and I feel sorry for the baby. the mother on the other hand needs my foot up her ass

  13. 042mandy

    why the fuck did the people who work there not take the baby away??????????????????????????????????????? the mother obviously doesnt know what to do or how to handle this poor baby, maybe its her first one. Either way instead of letting it be tortured they should take the baby away from the pack!!! the stupid place this happened at should be fined for negligence!!!


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