Animals & Plants We Can’t Live Without


There are thousands of different types of creatures that live on our planet, and they all play important roles. However, there are some that may be a little more significant than the rest. These creatures sustain the environment, provide us with necessities, and basically just make our lives easier. Here are some animals and plants we cannot live without.

1. Honeybees

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Honeybees not only provide honey for humans, they give the world something much more important: pollination. They pollinate flowers, fruit, and trees; 1/3 of crops grown around the world are pollinated by bees. Many species of plants have evolved to completely depend on bees to grow and fertilize. Without bees, we would have little fruits, vegetables, and meat animals would not be able to thrive and provide us with their meat.

2. Fungi

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Fungi may seem like a nuisance in our gardens, but they play an important role. 600 million years ago, they were the first plants to move from the ocean to land, kickstarting the development of life on the earth. They are also great decomposers and help plants take in nutrients, like minerals, from the soil. Mushrooms are a type of fungi, and basic foods like bread, cheese, and chocolate are made possible with fungi.

3. Plankton

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Plankton are any tiny living organisms that lives under the sea. Even though they may seem microscopic, their impact on our planet is very great. These bacteria produce 50% of our oxygen, so there would not be enough oxygen to sustain life without them. They also decompose organic matter in the oceans, thus releasing more oxygen, and many plankton species, including jellyfish and krill, are basic energy sources for ocean food chains.

4. Primates

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Primates are our closest cousins, and we even share 90% of our DNA with them. They are great animals for observation and research, and they help us discover more things about humans. They also make the forests where they live thrive by dropping seeds through eating and through their feces. Primates are also a keystone species that support the entire ecosystem.

5. Bats

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Many believe bats are scary and dangerous creatures that suck our blood in the night. But this is not true; bats actually do more good than harm. They are able to locate a single insect in the darkness and pluck it out of the air using their echolocation. This makes them a major predator to insects; they’re maintaining their diet at the same time controlling insect populations. Bats also disperse seeds around, which help crops grow.

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