A baby monkey’s death!


A baby monkey’s death! He hit by a van when across Tai Po Road following his mother. His mother were fighting and chasing her opponent so she left him at car park. She did not expect her baby followed her but a baby does not know what is danger. When the mother monkey realized her baby died on road, she picked him up to car park then found someone to vent her anger. We could feel sadness from monkeys. We could feel anger from the mother monkey! A life lost just in a blink of an eye!
I heard a story that a man caught a small monkey and kept it at home for 2 weeks. Why? Just for fun. After 2 weeks, he released the monkey. Maybe he realized that monkey was not as cute as many people think.
Nov 2016

26 thoughts on “A baby monkey’s death!

  1. Bruce Merrill

    This video is pointless!! We want to see the baby monkey GET-HIT by the van, not AFTER it was hit!! Now go get a pooper scooper, light a candle by Buddha, then chuck the thing in the brush!! Did the car actually stop because it clipped a baby monkey? Isn't that routine over there? Did one monkey go up and get his insurance card? Please, round 'm all up for lab experiments!!

  2. Bruce Merrill

    Stupid backasswards chopstickland with their equally stupid dirty flea ridden monkeys all roaming loose in the streets, oh boy, that's some culture right there boy – yikes!! But over here if I come across a gook on the street while walking my very-friendly well behaved 13yo Cattle Dog they'll jump all over in fear (kinda like monkeys actually?) and even cross the street in a big panic, LOL!!

  3. Dave Gnome

    A gourmet is up , so be careful, they would become insanely aggressive for they think you are going to take a slice from it. THESE NASTY THINGS SHOULD REALLY BE CULLED IN ULTRA DENSE POPULATION PLACE LIKE HK….. or someone should help that sicked govt of HONGKONG to massively slaughter monkey, start from the source ,the kamshan country park and those villages affected, ….to poison them after heavy rains when they always gather in smaller shaded area.

  4. BellaPinkyPoppy 62

    Can you imagine if these monkeys were prevalent in the United States!!!!!
    They destroy everything, you wouldn't be able to have a nice yard, garden or leave things laying around your homes.

  5. CaneFu

    What kind of backward country lets these overpopulated gremlins infest the streets like this. Their government should make it illegal for people to feed them and let these tree rats retreat back into the wild where they belong. So what if some of these creatures starve; their numbers need to be reduced as they are obviously becoming overpopulated in many of these areas. Can you imagine the outrage if cities in America let this many wild dogs run around???

  6. Suzann Puppies are precious

    This is sad even Animals have a Great Love for their Babies.
    Why are they in the street ? With cars all around people don't always stop .
    I understand their looking for food but it's dangerous for them. If people don't stop for domestic Animals, their not going to stop for wild animals. People may be afraid of being attacked by a troop of monkey's especially if their already upset and angry.

  7. nydajackmccoy

    It's already dead. You might as well be filming roadkill. Let us know when you've got footage of an actual dying baby monkey so the rest of us monsters can take pleasure in its suffering.


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