【SNOW MONKEY】 ニホンザル / 地獄谷野猿公苑 ☆White Baby Falls Into a Crisis / 赤ちゃん危機一髪☆


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【SNOW MONKEY】 ☆Cute Snow Monkey Babies☆ ニホンザル / 地獄谷野猿公苑

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On this day, trouble has occurred in the baby.
The saved the baby was the sister of the baby.

A baby got away from the mother and was playing by himself.
A baby has gone from himself to the location of the high ranked family.
The family is scolded and a baby is attacked.
A mother isn’t in the neighborhood.
Baby’s elder sister heard the squeal of the baby, and ran.
And she went to call a mother.
A baby was saved safely.

A start of trouble.
Please see everything.

Sister is running and bangs from a far place.

She confirmed the baby’s safety and went to call a mother.

A mother is quite excited by attacking a baby.

This is the family.
A baby clings to sister who helped.
I think he like sister very much surely.

* 私は「トックリ00」という名前のメス猿と彼女の家族の生活を年間通して記録し続けています。



Location : Japan

27 thoughts on “【SNOW MONKEY】 ニホンザル / 地獄谷野猿公苑 ☆White Baby Falls Into a Crisis / 赤ちゃん危機一髪☆

  1. Anthony Demski

    wow… watched this 100 times.. all night.. over n over.. beautiful how that thing bounced off the rocks like that… then when the one flung it out from its hiding spot and the other mauled it… great.. ugly little creepy thing shouldn't be so ugly..

  2. Mandy D.

    Thank you for explaining what was going on. Instead just saying "Pity Pity Baby, saad baby Pity baby" I can't trust most of the YouTube VOs filming Monkeys anymore but I'm going to continue to check you out as you seem far more professional, these are Monkeys in some sort of safe environment and even though this video was a year ago you laid out everything that is supposedly going on. Subbed. I hope I am able to stick around. I feel so bad for Primates but enjoy watching how they behave in their little societies. And of course the babies are ridiculously cute.

  3. meme60knotty meme60knotty

    Great video but I could not have stood by and done nothing to help that precious baby.Those 3 I hope will be attacked by the alpha male and i hope he hurts them so bad that they won't be able to attack little babies. I think that's when a dart gun would have helped.

  4. Onez

    so I was reading your little copyright thing and I'm gonna tell you this video is everywhere, all that needs to be typed is snow monkey and this video is there at the top, don't think u can truly stop anyone who wants something, they want it they will take it

  5. 79tazman

    That was funny how the big one's knew they were doing wrong that's why they were looking around before grabbing it again I guess that baby will learn to stay by it's mother or prepare to get it's ass beat again I wonder if they did that because it was different then the rest

  6. Anne Corey

    Poor baby being attack by big bully so beautiful baby cannot look after herself too many of them beat her up stupid bully. Not nice and stupid mom not near by so sad I hate bully Bless you all good babies not to. Bless the badly .


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