Kathiyawadi Horse | F2Z Collection In Mahim, Mumbai

40 thoughts on “Kathiyawadi Horse | F2Z Collection In Mahim, Mumbai

  1. Avik Sen

    Bapre re bap .3500 rupe per day e banda ghore per kharch karte hai.. Isse to accha hota mereko palta…hey bhagwan tujse mere ekhi binti hai isbar jotere se galti so hua. Per aagli bar mere ko ghora banake bhejna..

  2. Wasim Shaikh

    Fsa check zeeshan khoriwala in fb he and is family are in to horse business from long time he has alot of horses he is from latur he can gv u alot of information abt it

  3. jerry tom

    Deleting my comment. Very disapointed with bhai. I just shared piece of info to bhai as a animal lover but he didnt gave me heart.while on other comment which he got praised he gaye me heart. Why fahad bhai why

    Bhai awsm video. If you want to cover kathiyawadi horse in detail come to kathiyawad.Kutch me jo breed he woh sindhi horse he they r also available in sindh province. Kathiyawadi are from kathiyawad region of gujarat. Othr breeds are marwadi. And india have some pony breeds too like spiti ,zaniskari, manipuri pony. And bhutia.


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