Intelligent Technique Smart Farming Use Traditional Style To Produce The Baby Cow #C002

Our channel is about the animal world
the lives of village farmers
the life of the farmers to develop their cattle is getting better
and how to make animal feed
how to care for livestock well
how to make manure
and activities of positive activities of the farmers in our village
subcribe if it seems to provide benefits and knowledge for traditional farmers
traditional farmers
Daily life of the farmers in Indonesia
channel we tell about the life of farmers and ranchers in Java Indonesia.
how they care for livestock, manage the garden, rice fields and plants.
subscribe if you like,
channel about cow treatment to get satisfactory results, can have superior livestock seeds in order to improve their economy
Hoping for his cattle to move forward
Have superior quality cow’s seeds
By choosing a large stud
in addition our channel also contains about tricks and techniques how to raise properly
as entertainment and science
about the life of farmers, fishermen, farmers, how to properly harvest rice

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