Indian man’s selfie attempt with wild bear – TomoNews

ODISHA, INDIA — A man in eastern India decided to take a selfie with a bear one day, however, that decision has cost him his life.

According to India’s Indian Express, Prabhu Bhatara had stopped to go the bathroom on the way home from a wedding when he saw the bear and just had the sudden urge to take a selfie with it.

While attempting to take the selfie, Bhatara accidentally slipped, startling the bear, which started mauling him. Villagers at the site reportedly threw rocks at the bear hoping to rescue Bhatara but that really didn’t help much.

Poor Bhatara struggled for two hours, but unfortunately didn’t survive the ordeal.

Forest officials eventually made it by his side and tranquilised the bear, later recovering Bhatara’s body.

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