Zambia is in the interest of human rights activists. On 13 February 2019, the country announced plans to kill 2000 hippos in the next five years. A macabre decision for reduction of the number, considered exaggerated, of these mammals in the east of the country.

"Currently the hippopotamus population in Luangwa Southeast National Park is 13,000, while Luangwa can only accommodate 5000 hippos (…) This poses a threat to the ecosystem ", explained an official of the ministry, on condition of anonymity for theAFP. The elimination of hippos will begin in May 2019at the time of the opening of the yacht, as indicated by the Ministry of Tourism of Zambia to AFP.

This is not the first time the Zambia announces similar projects against animals and the environment. But in recent yearsthe country had withdrawn every time under pressure from the organizations defense of nature.

A decision for "economic reasons"

the NGO Free born has also entered the plate by getting to know the country's decision against hippos. "The first was to prevent a anthrax outbreak, and then the water level in the Luangwa River was too low, now it is due to overpopulation. None of these justifications holds water", says Will Travers, president of Born Free.

The organization is convinced that this project of the Zambian authorities is mainly motivated for economic reasons, since then killed hippos will be sold as trophies. A South African company already offers a stay in Zambia with a "hippopotamus package" at 200,000 rand (12,800 euros) for five animals that are killed per hunter, says Born Free to AFP. According to Will Travers, it can generate slaughter of hippos nearly 3 million euros.

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