In the state of Queensland, very rare floods have decimated hundreds of thousands of animals. The weather phenomenon is a disaster for local breeders.

Hundreds of thousands of animals that have been weakened by a severe drought may have died as a result of catastrophic flooding in northeastern Australia, officials said Friday, who is making an increasing effort to help animals. Two weeks of unremitting rains drowned large parts of the state of Queensland. And the scale of the catastrophe appears with the low tide of the waters.

"We expect hundreds of thousands of dead animals," Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told journalists in Sydney. Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Friday that she saw a "sea of ​​dead cattle" during a tour the day before in the affected areas. "Seeing all these scattered animals that do not move makes you sick," she told the ABC channel in Australia. Fodder crops have been transported to cities near the most affected areas for distribution to farmers who will dump them through the air to isolated animals.

* World weather * Exceptional view of the rising waters during flooding in northern Queensland (Australia) from January 30 to February 5. Look at the end! Video: Queensland Rail via partners

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"The cattle could not go anywhere"

Rachael Anderson and her husband, who manage a farm near the community of Julia Creek, said that 800 of the 1,500 animals were missing. "The cattle could not go anywhere, there is a railway at our house that is covered with dead animals," Anderson told AFP.

"Those who had escaped the floods by seeking refuge in higher areas were exposed to intense rainfall and could not survive for long." Anderson, who had to feed her animals through the drought in the last few months, said the floods also killed many kangaroos and birds. About half of the 25 million cattle raised in Australia are in the state of Queensland.

Rescue of our animals in the wild during flooding in Australia ..

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Many companies are at risk

These floods are of such a large size that according to Queensland government authorities only happen once a century. They can be catastrophic for the sector. "This will be fatal for many companies that have lost everything and no longer have any income," said ABC farmer William McMillan. If the northern parts of the vast island continent are used to heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, they have proved much more intense than normal this year.

An intense heat characterized the beginning of the Australian summer, with the hottest January ever recorded. It has aggravated the drought in the interior and caused forest fires.

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