CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) – Six horses were removed from a house in Charleston County and transported to the Charleston Animal Society after concerns from the neighbors about the condition of the animals. Officers of the Charleston County Sheriff's Office say on Tuesday that the owner of the horses gave them over for proper grooming. According to the sheriff's office, the horses were taken from a home on the Lake Drive Lake in Meggett to the Charleston Animal Society transported for salvation where they are cared for and attended until they can be adopted. the voluntary surrender came after numerous phone calls and complaints from neighbors about the situation of several horses that led to a threatening court ruling. "One horse was quickly brought home again, while another six horses were voluntarily transferred to the Charleston Animal Society before deputies intervened with their judge orders transfer," said the sheriff's office. "Each of the six horses received a health check and a vet at the end of January, to exchange them for transport. "A report states that one of the horses is a Shackelford pony, originally adopted from North Carolina. Plans are in the making to bring the pony back to that rescue if possible. It is said that one of the other horses is a stallion that will be cast in the near future. "What it comes down to is that we solve this situation in the interests of everyone of the animals involved," Sgt said. David Willis, supervisor of the Animal Control Unit of the Sheriff's Office in Charleston County. "This particular owner was overwhelmed by the number of animals she had and this will help her with animals she still cares for." The sheriff's office said the owner was allowed to keep four horses and several other animals, all of which were in good condition. "The Animal Society started rescuing horses 145 years ago and worked together with law enforcement agencies to deal with these beautiful animals, "said Joe Elmore, president and CEO of Charleston.Copyright 2019 WCSC. All rights reserved.