A Californian couple lost three pets one day after the huskies of a neighbor came through a door with dogs in their house and attacked them.

KFSN reported that Silvia Acosta first saw the huskies in her house on her video surveillance while she was at work.

Acosta rushed back to her neighborhood and knocked on the door of the husky owners first.

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"I have something like," Open your door! Your dog is in my house! Open the door, & # 39; "Acosta told KFSN.

The adults were not at home, but three girls were under the age of 12. They followed Acosta to her house and called the dogs, who reacted to them and left the house.

Acosta's 12-year-old dog, Urlie, was at the front door.

"He was essentially hollowed out, so the poor little girls also had to see that," said Acosta.

Her 11-year-old dog, Nash, was found in a bathroom.

"I found him in our bathroom downstairs behind a toilet," she said. "His body temperature was so cold."

Acosta hurried Nash to a vet, where he died later. Her third dog, the 8-year-old Rufus, still missed when she came home.

& # 39; He was dead in our backyard, & # 39; said Acosta. "I just did not know."

Acosta said that she and her husband, David Pena, have been warning their neighbors for two years that their dogs are leaving.

"They have trouble getting out", the owner of the huskies, who did not want to be recognized, told KFSA. "We have reviewed the situation, I once realized that he was jumping on the trash can, he crawled on the top of the fence … and I am very sorry."

The family handed over the huskies, now quarantined in SPCA, Central California.

The couple said they plan to take legal action.

"If the dogs of your neighbor come out, give the good animal control," said Acosta in a Facebook message. "Do not assume that all pet owners are as responsible as you."