Ales (AFP) – Three fines of 750 euros were ordered on Monday for the Alès police court against the director of the slaughterhouse of the city of Gard, prosecuted after the broadcast of a video of the L214 association that had a national impact in October 2015.

"" The mountain has brought a mouse ": it is possible but it is the right", said the prosecutor of the Republic of Alès, Francois Schneider, and resumed one of the sharp criticisms of the lawyers of the associations of defense of animals that have taken civil action.

The Public Prosecutor ensured that only three of the 175 offenses established during the investigation could be prosecuted, in particular because the videos could not be dated and the rule applied to most offenses, especially for assault and abuse. atrocities.

"Today is it truly amazing that a hearing will be held with these three fourth class tickets?" For "violations that lasted until filing a complaint," he said. Mr. Schneider had the maximum planned? in this connection against Jack Pagès, director of the slaughterhouse for horse and cattle traps, unsuitable and without visual protection for sheep waiting for slaughter.

Earlier, Mr. Pagès, solidly built and your insured, former butcher's butcher, and director of the municipal slaughterhouse since 1997 had denied the bar of the three violations, believing that the provisions were consistent.

Caroline Lanty, on behalf of the L214 association, denounced in her speech the "dramatic weight loss" of the procedure, estimating that eight people could be prosecuted for 175 offenses. For the alleged infringements, she insisted that the non-compliance with the facilities had caused unnecessary suffering for animals slaughtered in this way.

For the Anti-Corruption Alliance did Me Lionel Marzials talk about images of absolute violence? with? live carved animals? in? states of suffering extremely consistent ?.

It was with these clandestine images in the municipal slaughterhouse of Alès that began with the condemnation of a series of scandals about the slaughtering practices in France.

In defense of the director of the slaughterhouse, asked Me Isabelle Mimran to release the three crimes, especially in view of the fact that the videos had never been dated? and had never been the subject of expertise? "There is no guarantee for the sincerity of the images that are presented," she said. "When these videos were broadcast, it was a national shock … there are very important economic consequences," she said, but there is no material evidence according to her? crimes.

"We are constantly under the control of the government services, do we do nothing?", The director of the slaughterhouse decides, before the president takes his advice into consideration until 8 April.